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Thursday, 22 December 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME

nah, 4sure lah the DiGi iPhone for me....


because i just use cheap hanphone now..huhuh :)

thats my phone..
is it 'nice'???

but all my friend have this

thats why i need that iPhone really bad...

i feel ashamed when my phone ring.....
i feel ashamed to pickup the phone in front of them
i feel ashamed to texting while they were around
i feel ashamed....
i feel ashamed....
and im an ashamed guy..
too bad

that iPhone was too awesome...
with all the gadget,
it will make me:
 looks like a gorgeous guy
feel proud of myself,
confident to face all my friend..
not to worry about the phone call, phone ring and texting anymore..
im getting excited

and also,
i can snap my picture with the awesome i-Phone camera and post it straight to my facebook account or event update my status and profile picture very fast with the DiGi iPhone plan...
im getting mad right now..
i need it like crazy..

help me..
im dying witout you 

DiGi iPhone

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